With an absolutely stunning story behind it, this is a pilgrimage tour to holy temple of Guru Nanak, the creator of Sikh Religion. After travelling through Arabia and many other countries, in 1521 A.D during the summer season, Guru Nanak reached Hasan Abdal. This is hilly area and some places here have natural fountains which flow from the ground. On top of the nearby hill lived a Muslim saint, Baba Wali Qalanderi, who lived near to the source of fresh water. When people started going to Guru Ji, Baba stopped the water to village and people went to Guru Ji who sent one of his companions and to request Baba to let the people quench themselves and their animals which Baba refused. On a collective prayer on request of Guru Ji a spring of fresh water sprung and Baba's springs dried, angrily Baba threw a boulder which Guru Ji stopped and his hand has been imprinted on that stone. En-route we also visit one Waha Gardens, a Mughal souvenir.



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