Moen Jo Daro is the 5000 years old city of Indus civilization. It is contemporary to Egypt and Mesopotamia. The ruins of Moen Jo Daro are located at 27 Kilometers from Larkana and about 515 Kilometers from Karachi. There are several options to visit this fabulous site of Pakistan's glorious past. Travel & Culture offers tours on any date and time for Moen Jo Daro for foreign tourists, locals and schools. Following are suggested options.

By Air Karachi to Sukkur & Back 01 Day Tour.

Early morning you are transferred to Airport for your flight to Sukkur, On arrival meet and drive to Moen Jo Daro archeological site, the site of the great Indus civilization which flourished as an earliest Urban culture from 3000 - 1700 BC. We have a large No. of detailed sites well laid by the expert archeologists. Indus civilization was probably the most advanced urban culture in the past , From the sites we can see the complete planning of the city, a separate area for Administration/ state, a rich residential area, Industrial area and an area for poor or workers. All the streets present an excellent grid system and were maintained with covered drainage , Dustbins and Market places. It is also proved that they had binary system of weights. The state was very strict. We don't see any difference in weights found from different sites. Taxes were collected in form of wheat, Barley or sesame, and mud pots were sealed to prove the clearance of dues. They used a language with 300 Different semi-pictographic characters, which are not deciphered yet.

We start our tour with DK area It is an administrative area. We shall see the stupa of 2nd Century Ad which was built by Buddhist much later than the site it self; we then see Assembly hall, drainage, wells, state granary where taxes were collected, streets and the great bath. Then we visit DK area which is main citadel or rich Residential area we shall see the advanced life style of the people of the Indus. We also witness different levels of civilization and the planning of houses street etc.

After the sites we will visit the site museum which has some findings of the site presented in a professional manner. Lunch at rest house later drive to Garhi Khuda Bux via Larkana to see the mausoleum of Benazir Bhutto & family later transfer to Railway station or airport for journey to Karachi.

Lahore City Tour



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